Episode 9: Happy May, Changes, Catcalling, and Avengers: Infinity War

After a month off, the podcast is going through some changes! Today I chatted about those changes to the podcast, a catcalling incident I witnessed, and the newly released Avengers: Infinity War. I’ve got a spoiler warning for when you can stop listening if that’s something you need.

Episode 7: 6 Things for the Perfect Café

Matt talks restaurants, bars, cafés, and more in this episode that ends up being starkly different from the final blog post available at mattaromando.com

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Episode 5: Cities Aren’t Trying to Kill You

Matt talks supermarkets, letting go of control, broken bottles, Boston, New York City, and more in this meandering episode of You Don’t Have to Listen to This Podcast.

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Episode 4: Ranking the Best Picture Nominees for the 2018 Academy Awards

Matt talks through the movies nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards.

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Episode 3: My Favorite Magazine

Matt reads through his favorite issue of his favorite magazine, Nintendo Power! It’s a real trip back to January 1994.

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Episode 2: I Hate Your Car

Matt talks about his distaste for cars. This episode has a lot that’s been left out of the blog post (probably because it’s not that funny).

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Episode 1: You Don’t Have to Listen to This Podcast

This first episode is a bit of a weird one. Matt talks about how he is going to write about the podcast on his blog.

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